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Natural Beauty

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Home of the natural beauties!
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Stamped Members! Here are the links to
the theme/topic this week! Make sure to post pics
for the theme (you may post them in a separate
post), and answer the topic question as a comment!


Host: heyim_hulia

Host: ravenbabe21

Thank you guys for doing such a great job!

Welcome to its_natural!

There are a few rules that I would like all members of this community to abide by:
(if you don't like the rules, don't apply. Thanks!)


1)Each new member must post a COMPLETED application along with 3 unedited pictures of themselves (NO NUDES) and one 100x100 (or close to that size) black and white picture for the Stamped Members page. Also, the subject of this post must include "NEW", so that we know to vote on your cute mug!

2)Only ACCEPTED/STAMPED members may vote/comment on new members (if you are not stamped, you may only comment on your own post), and these votes/comments must be kind and considerate, not mean and downgrading. The votes must contain a "yes" or "no", and comments if you would like to do so. Remember, this community was not made to insult, it was made to meet new people and to give constructive criticism where needed. *smile*

3)In new posts, please put your application and pictures behind an LJ cut. You may put one picture up as a "teaser", but that is all. No links will be allowed as submissions for pictures. If you need a picture hosting site, try photobucket.com. Applications with linked pictures will be erased by moderators.

4)Only moderators have the ability to "STAMP" a member. If anyone other than a moderator tries to do so, this may lead to that member being banned.

5)Please, no advertising for other communities or text-only posts unless granted permission from a moderator. If you do gain permission, you must put "approved by *name of mod*" in the subject line of the advertising post.

6)If you post and there are problems with your post (i.e. your pictures don't work, your application is fubared), please delete the post and re-post, or fix the problems ASAP!

7)After 3 days(or by a moderator's decision), you will be given an "ACCEPTED" or "REJECTED" stamp, based on the majority of "yes" or "no" votes. If you are "REJECTED", you may try again in a week. The answer to the "Un-anatomically correct candy treat" question is gummi bears. Remember this!

8)Once you are a STAMPED member, you are required to be active in the community, and in the voting process. If you are not, it may lead to you being taken off the stamped list, and possibly banned from the community. (I really want to make this clear, because we have had problems with this in the past. Make sure you understand this rule, and by "active" I mean at least vote on one app. every week. That's like 5 min. a week.)

Anyone who chooses to not follow the rules may be banned from the community.
If anyone has a problem or questions about the rules, feel free to contact godssexslave!


Stamped Members

I have all the power!


The best co-mod EVER!


It would be nice if STAMPED MEMBERS would put one of these
banners or stamps in their user info with a
link back to our community!

Our Stamps!

Special thanks to ninjafaerie for the banners!

♥Feel free to visit our sister
community, beautiful_dolls!♥