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Stamped // strange little screen

'daisy dead petals / that is her name / she's in her phonebooth phase' --Tori Amos, "Daisy Dead Petals"

'tieing yourself to me / stitch up my emptiness' --Orgy, "Stitches"

'meet an ugly little gradeschool shadow / hiding in my closet / and banging out duran duran' --Pepper McGowan, "Reba"

'years go by / will i still be waiting / for somebody else to understand / years go by / and i'm stripped of my beauty / and the orange clouds raining in my head' --Tori Amos, "Silent All These Years"

'darling i don't know / why i go / to extremes/ too high or / too low there's no / inbetween' --Billy Joel, "I Go to Extremes"

'sieben / hier kommt die sonne' --Rammstein, "Sonne"

'i know that she's / somewhere underneath / but i don't know how to find her / me i'm a thief / i'm a fallen star / i'm a photograph taken / from where you are' --Sarah Slean, "Me? I'm a Thief"

'clouds descending / i'm not policing what you think and dream / i run in to you far from across the room' --Tori Amos, "Concertina"

'as you from crimes now pardoned be / let your indulgence set me free' --Loreena McKennitt, "Prospero's Speech" [from THE TEMPTEST]

'i walk a maze of moments / but everywhere i turn to / begins a new beginning / but never finds a finish' --Enya, "Anywhere Is"

'i wanna be a rubberband girl' --Kate Bush, "Rubberband Girl"

I'm sorry I look so bad in these pictures; not only was the lighting bad, but that black shirt you see belongs to my older sister, and...well, let's just say she takes after my rather tall father. ^_^;;

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